Tamwily International Company hires Shariyah Review Bureau

Category: Auto Financing Published: Monday, 05 January 2015 Written by Super User

Tamwily, has been offering a wide array of brands such as Hyundai, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, TATA, Mini, and Rolls Royce in addition to Hyundai and Ankai heavy commercial vehicles in the Saudi market. Abbas Al-Nahdi, CEO of Tamwily, said, We are strengthening our leadership in Saudi Arabia, for us its the undisputed historic market of the GCC. And our assignment of SRB helps secure the future development of Tamwilys Shariah compliance in the Kingdom. This operation will help us improve the Islamic performance of our auto offerings and financing systems.

This is the right time to invest our leadership in catering to our customers growing faith based needs, Abbas added, Tamwily will continue to focus and build this area and deliver the best possible Sharia compliant offerings and leading-edge platforms to its customers.

Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) said, We are delighted to deploy our Shariah advisory services to Tamwily and integrate new capabilities of Shariah supervisory audit on their offerings. With their customer-centric focus and a mission to uphold Sharia compliance in their businesses we expect Tamwily to rapidly transition into Saudis No.1 auto financing player.

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