Uber to Riders: Expect Surge Pricing on New Year's Eve

Category: Auto Financing Published: Saturday, 03 January 2015 Written by Super User

Boston users can bet on surge pricing to hike the cost of New Years Eve Uber trips, but the notorious ridesharing company plans to contribute a portion of the higher revenues to a campaign aimed at preventing drunk driving.

Uber has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to remind those planning to celebrate the start of 2015 to do so responsibly. For its part in raising awareness about the dangers of driving drunk, Uber announced in a blog post that users will have the chance to donate to MADD. The company plans to pitch in $1 dollar for every user trip requested between certain hours using the promo code MADDNYE.

Heres how Uber says the promo works:

This New Year's Eve, between 6pm on December 31 and 6am on January 1, Uber is donating $1 of every ride nationwide to MADD when you enter the promo code MADDNYE. Please join us in supporting MADD's work to end drunk driving and aid the victims and survivors of drunk driving crashes.

Uber is expecting to receive millions of trip requests on its platform this New Years, a company spokesperson told reporters in a conference call. That means surge pricing will likely jack up rates in Uber cities around the world.

Wed rather have high prices than not have any rides available, the Uber rep said. We have a goal of ensuring safe and reliable rides regardless of time.

In Boston (and other cities, too, surely), Uber is trying to prepare for high demand by adding new drivers. Heres a look at texts applicants have received Monday.

Demand is bound to be off the charts; Uber is letting riders and drivers know what to expect ahead of time. Those planning to request a trip, despite the high prices, should take the time to enter the promo code and contribute to MADDs campaign. And people interested in signing up to drive should finish applying now, for a chance to pocket some extra cash on New Years Eve - but maybe pass on Santanders subprime auto-financing.

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