Brazil's Crazy Credit Card Rates Make Yours Look Like a Steal

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Published: Sunday, 01 November 2015
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Ideally, you avoid paying thousands of dollars in interest by not carrying a balance on high-APR credit cards or using payday loans, but in the event of an emergency, that may not be an option. For that reason, its a good idea to keep a credit card with a low interest rate to use for unexpected, necessary expenses. (Here are the top picks from this years Best Low-Interest Credit Cards in America ranking.)

You should always compare low-interest credit cards before you apply for one, because there are different offerings based on your credit history. The better your credit score, the more likely youll be able to get a credit card with a low APR. If you can, its a good idea to pay off your credit card balances in full every billing cycle, to avoid racking up debt thats difficult to pay off. If you do end up with credit card balances, make a plan to pay off the credit card debt so you can save money and protect your credit score.

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How to Stop a Landlord From Ruining Your Credit

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Published: Thursday, 22 October 2015
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Landlords might seem like kind and compassionate people while youre a resident on their property, but its only after you decide to move out when you get to see their true character come to life. Apart from stealing your security deposits, bad landlords have broad power to charge you obscene repair and replacement costs, and send your debt off to collection agencies. If you are one of many experiencing a similar situation, you dont have to put up with it; here are some tips to protect your credit.

Ask for an Itemized List

Some states have laws in place that prevent landlords from failing to return deposits without an itemized list explaining what needed to be repaired and the cost of each repair. They must also provide you with a certain period of time to dispute any charges that may be levied against you and provide evidence to the contrary.

Request the lists and a full explanation of why these charges are being placed against you; if your landlord refuses to furnish this information, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the landlord for the value of the deposit and additional damages.

2.Be There For the Final Walk-Through

If you havent moved out your apartment yet but expect there might be problems, ask your landlord to perform the final inspection in your presence. Being present when they take notes allows you to dispute any problems that come up when in person before they decide to bill you. If necessary, bring a video camera to record the inspection so that you can use it later on when challenging the charges.

Update Your Forwarding Address

Always leave a forwarding address with the landlord so that if they do decide to send you any legitimate charges, you can pay those fees. If they are unable to reach you, they may think that you are trying to avoid paying them and you might find yourself dealing with a creditor.

Contact the Creditor

If they decide to sell your debt to a creditor, get in contact with that company and inform them on the steps you are taking to challenge the debt with the landlord. A lot of the time you debt isnt reported right away to the creditor, but instead they give you flexible period of time in which to contact them and clear it up. Remember that they just want to get paid back, so theyll be more willing to work with you as long as you are honest with them and keep them informed of your intentions.

Trump hotels confirm data breach; who's at risk?

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Published: Friday, 16 October 2015
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The properties include:

Trump SoHo New York, Trump National Doral in Miami, Trump International New York, Trump International Chicago, Trump International Waikiki, Trump International Hotel amp; Tower Las Vegas and Trump International Toronto.

The Trump Hotel Collection said it has removed the malware that infected its point-of-sale terminals and is reconfiguring its network to make it more secure.

The company is also offering one year of fraud resolution and identity protection services to customers whose information may have been exposed.

Just last week, Hilton Worldwide confirmed Hilton hotels may have been the target of hacks that exposed exposed customer card info.

What to do if youre affected

Working with the Better Business Bureau, Ruth to the Rescue has come up with these guidelines to help you protect your credit or debit cards before, or after, you suspect theyve been involved in a breach.

1) Stay calm. Consumers are not liable for fraudulent charges on stolen account numbers.
2) Check with the website of the retailer for the latest information. Type the store name directly into your browser. Do NOT click on a link from an email or social media message.
3) On that note- beware of emails that may come into your inbox, claiming to help you deal with the crisis. Those emails could be fake, hoping youll click on a dangerous link or share personal information.
4) If your card was compromised, you will likely hear from the bank or card-issuer first. If you have questions, call the customer service number on your card.
5) Consider putting fraud alerts on all your accounts. Check with each bank or financial institution on how to do so. You can usually set a dollar amount that will spark a fraud warning, if the company sees suspicious activity.
6) Monitor all your financial accounts carefully. If you have computer access, try checking your account weekly. Do not wait for the monthly statement.
7) If you see a fraudulent charge, report it to your bank or credit card issuer immediately so the charge can be reversed and a new card issued.
8) Keep receipts so you can prove which charges are legitimate.
9) Be careful about how often you use your debit card. If you debit card is hacked, thieves will be stealing your money, and debit cards do not have the same protections as credit cards. Make sure you know what kind of protection your account will offer.
10) Consider having a dirty credit card. This card would be used for all public transaction and online purchases. Ideally, you can pay it off each month, and if its hacked youll have better protection. Use your debit card for getting cash, and use other credit cards for major purchases.
11) Change your passwords on financial accounts frequently. Also, make sure you create strong passwords that will not be easily guessed.
12) When you hear about a date breach, share that information with family and friends, so they can also follow these steps to protect themselves.

New Chip Embedded Credit Cards Inconveniencing Business Owners

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Published: Tuesday, 13 October 2015
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Taking effect today, businesses that dont have credit card machines capable of reading card chips are liable for fraudulent charges.

I visited a local business in McAllen, where the manager says the switch is inconvenient.

Swiping your credit card is a thing of the past. The newest technology, aiming at reducing credit card fraud, requires you to dip your new chip-enabled card instead. A minor change for consumers, but a major one for business owners.

We had to get a new processor, which cost us roughly $300. Its a little inconvenient having to come in, having to change all the wiring, programming, reprogramming, we have to train all our employees on the new system.

According to one major credit card company, systems range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

If we were to get a claim for $500 and have to pay that back Id rather pay the $300 for the system, than having to pay someone back the $500.

If businesses dont upgrade to chip-reading systems, theyre liable for fraudulent charges. Aside from the chip-reading machine, there are other steps to limit credit card fraud.

We do have to make sure the card is signed and the signature matches that signature and the name on the card. And the name on the card with the one on file, and we just need to make sure it is that person using the card.

It takes longer, but many are in favor of the new check-out process.

How big of a hurry can you be into not want to protect your credit?

Stephen Jennings says in the long runthe change is a win-win situation.

It will maybe keep people a little less apt to steal someones credit, because its harder. It will protect the business as well as the consumer.

If you dont have a chip card yet, dont worry, your magnetic strip will still work. Most banks will issue you the new card when your current card expires.