5 key tips to shopping on Cyber Monday

Category: Protect Your Credit Published: Thursday, 03 December 2015 Written by Super User

EL PASO, Texas If you did not get your holiday shopping done during the Black Friday craze dont worry, Cyber Monday is here.

Getting the best deals on Cyber Monday can be a major worry for consumers, but one professional in the borderland has the answer to find the best deals and protect yourself in the process.

Cyber Monday can be better than Black Friday in some ways, said Mark Goldstein of Safe Money Alliance. You beat the crowds, you avoid the stress, and its quick and easy.

Here are Goldsteins steps to Cyber Monday shopping success:

Shop Around

Goldstein said most consumers trust Amazon, but he said dont always assume this retail giant is the best place to buy certain items. He suggests to always look at other websites to compare prices. He also said for bigger ticket items like a kitchen mixer or blender and electronics, you have a 70 percent chance of finding the item for less at another online store.

Avoid extra costs

In Goldsteins words, free shipping and handling is your best friend during Cyber Monday. He said shipping, handling and taxes can easily add extra costs online purchases. Goldstein suggests to make sure you know the final cost before clicking buy.

Hunt for coupons

One of Goldsteins key to Cyber Monday success is to always search for coupons before making a purchase. According to him, online shops offer coupon codes for discounts and free shipping. He said it only takes a few minutes to research and sign up for emails that will send you coupons directly to your phone. He also said the key is to enter the codes in the proper order to maximize the savings. For example, he said if you have two coupon codes, one for $10 off your purchases and another for 15 percent off, enter the 15 percent off code first.

Be patient

According to Goldstein, retailers will email you a discount offer if you put items in your shopping cart and then abandon it. He said some companies will follow up within a few hours.

Protect yourself

Goldstein has three key points to shopping online in order to protect yourself from getting hacked. First, is to check the sellers record. Sellers with low ratings should be avoided. Second, is to use a secure network and site. To figure this out, Goldstein said a secure site should say https or have a padlock icon on the address bar. If it doesnt, this means buying from the site could leave you vulnerable to fraud. Lastly, use PayPal. He said this can help protect your credit card information from being stolen.

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