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Published: Sunday, 10 January 2016
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APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change at any time. All credit union rates and terms are based upon the evaluation of applicant(s) credit. Your actual rate may vary.

  • Loans are subject to a minimum monthly payment of $45.

  • Refinanced funds can not be used to pay off existing CommonWealth One loan balances.

  • Some rates quoted reflect a.50% reduction for Loan Loyalty Rewards. Example: 2.24% (current rate) less.50% Loan Loyalty Rewards equals 1.74% (your final APR).

    LTV = Loan-to-Value. The maximum combined loan-to-value for investment properties is 90%. The 90% LTV does not apply to the Zero Equity Home Equity Loan.

  • Home equity loans are available on primary residences located in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

  • EquityLine has an interest only payment option available.

  • EquityFive rate may adjust every 5 years.

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    More news 40 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage If then you do stay in i would say i would say the home for i would say i would say the full 40 one year quick, it makes i would say i would say the overall cost of i would say i would say the house significantly higher up since i would say i would say the mortgage is lengthened over that extra decade. Borrowers opting for a 40 one year fixed rate mortgage rarely plan to keep up i would say i would say the loan full quick.
    Rate Above Below 3.67% 9% 91% 3.49% 15% 85% 3.30% 29% 71% 3.12% 50% 50% 2.94% 63% 37% 2.75% 74% 26% 2.57% 84% 16%
    HISTORICAL 30 YEAR MORTGAGE INTEREST RATE Average (Last 12 Months) 3.96%. Average (Last 10 Years) 5.00% High (Last 12 Months) 4.
    40 one year fixed rate mortgage: In debt for 40 years? No battle of a interest there.
    What Mr. Sahnger shows really burns me. He mentions that being required a “lesser payment…gives the luxury of a choice.” First of a all – $64 measly greenbacks gives way more choice? Okay… And second, taking into consideration when has someone in debt had way more choice than someone not in debt?
    Mortgage A loan as for i would say the purchase of real property, secured IN a lien on i would say the property.
    The agreement specifying i would say the terms and conditions of i would say the repayment of such a loan.
    The Appeal of a a a 40 Year Mortgage Loans Instead of a a a worrying about getting a lower payment, then you will possibly keep the same payment and take a moment to increase the loan amount. This will make it easier for people who want to get a much wider house the opportunity to do so. Instead of a a a having to settle for a house very then you dont really like, then you will possibly instead get a 40 year mortgage.
    More news The benefit from of derivatives involves risks different from, or else possibly greater than, the risks associated in addition to investing directly in the underlying assets.
    Mortgage results hit a new low: 30-year adjusted at 3.87% Federal Housing Administration.
    A much more homeowners figure to benefit from help in excess of the next few months and that intersects quite with these attractive rate terms, said McBride.
    A one year ago, mortgage borrowers were thrilled to benefit from 30-year mortgages averaging 4.81%.
    30-Year Mortgage Rates Top 5 % Im seeing, and Im working with first-time homebuyers, they are usually not as have an effect on bytheinterest rate as they are usually by getting the down payment, says Julie Longtin, the real estate agent with RE/MAX Cityside opt in Providence, RI Thats what is normally holding them rear side.
    40 Year Mortgage Calculator In i would say the short term, a long term mortgage can possibly even help you when it comes with regard to taxes as i would say the more significant portion of a ones own mortgage payment will be interest fails, something most states and i would say the federal federal government takes into consideration when you do ones own annual taxes.
    15-Year as. 30-Year Mortgage Comparison, Pros #038; Cons Advertiser Disclosure: The offers you that appear on this site are by means of credit card companies by means of which MoneyCrashers.web receives compensation.
    More news Low rates as for your new home purchase or refinance Rates are usually effective and are usually subject to change in any time, and may increase. Rates lockedintoday as for 60 days have that expiration date of.
    Rates apply to debt larger than $417,000 (also known as for the reason that jumbo mortgages). Further restrictions apply as for loan levels over $417,000 such as for the reason that credit mark, Loan to Value, etc.
    Mortgage Rates Tips If then then you are shopping for a new mortgage, then then you need to be very careful and definite. Be aware that the large majority of of the men and women with whom then then you will speak generate the large majority of or all of their weekly income is normally generated from originating and closing mortgage debt.
    Mortgage Interest Rates Refinance results on 1 one year jumbo loans are but also averaging 4.05 p. c.
    3 one year unpredictable jumbo results are averaging higher at 3.85 p. c, down from last week’s average 3 one year jumbo unpredictable rate of 3.
    15 as. 30 Year Mortgage: In an Infographic If then then you are going to buy a home, then then you will inevitably encounter a very challenging consider (unless then then you are quite wealthy):
    “should I benefit from a 15 or 30 year mortgage?”
    Our 2015 finance rates forecast In increase, up and coming interest rates have historically beenthatindicator of a healthier economy. Whenthateconomy gains strength, home values tend with regard to increase. Here is a graphic showing i would say the last 4 seasons where we experienced up and coming interest rates. In each of these seasons, property values increased with rates.
    More news 40 one year mortgage loans Most of a i would say the financial experts criticized i would say the 40 one year s mortgage loan for a high top-notch of a interest, on i would say the other hand some people agreed after having a look at i would say the lower monthly payments that has to would be made.
    Home Equity Loan Rates Payments: desire only based impotence principal remainder owed impotence the monthly billing date for 30 various years with final balloon payment for principal remainder. Rate offered subject to change monthly. Maximum top-notch 18%.
    Fixed Rate
    (Up to 80% of a Value)
    1 Year All Due Note
    Home Equity Loan Financing Programs After i would saytheloan documents are signed, then you have i would say the 3 day right to cancel if then you change your mind.
    Equity debt are almost always available in 5 one year, 10 one year, 15 one year or 20 one year terms. Home equity debt with longer terms can provide i would say the more payment, but also meansmoreinterest is normally paid over i would saythelife of i would saytheloan.
    40 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage It may and not lowerthemonthly payment that much way more thanthe30 year fixed. Withtheloan as for $200,000,thedifference opt opt in payments is and not almost as significant ($1,242.86 forthe40 year fixed versus $1,330.60 forthe30 year fixed). Also, most ofthemortgage payment goes toward interest, delivering it harder to build up equity inthehome.
    What are usually 40 Year Mortgages? ARM) brand. Contactthelenders and brokers listed impotence ForTheBestRate.com to find out if the 40 year home loan istheright choice for you and your family.
    More news May, 2015 very is close to
    Theworking30 Year Mortgage Interest Rate for i would say the last longer 12 months has been 3.96%.
    Theworkingrate over i would say the last longer 10 years has been 5.00%. Lower rates over i would say the last longer
    Mortgage To promise (real property) asthesecurity for the loan.
    To make subject to the tell you or risk; promise against the doubtful outcome: mortgaged most of their political careers by taking an unpopular walk.
    The Appeal of 40 Year Mortgage Loans When then then you arethehomeowner, this can bethesignificant source of tax relief for then then you. It can lower your taxable income IN quitethebit every year. Withthe40 year loan, then then you will be knowledgeable to take advantage of this tax reduction in price longer.
    But its is far from clear whether we are usually looking the sector wide meltdown or the simple adjustment to the tightening in underwriting standardtheaverage year mortgage interest rate forthelast months was.
    Mortgage results hit a new low: 30-year adjusted at 3.87% Federal Reserve had said it expects with regard to keep the Federal Funds top-notch near historic lows until late 2014.
    The get on a 10-year bond has nose-dived since the Feds action, charges from 2.05% on Jan. 25 with regard to 1.81% on Feb. 1.
    More news 40 Year Mortgage Calculator Interest results will likely be somewhat higher for i would say the 40-year finance than i would say the 30-year finance, buttheextra length oftheloan term will keepthepayments more than with i would say the traditional finance.
    Low rates as for your new home purchase or refinance Estimated Monthly Payment as for every $1000
    – Loan principal and in addition interest. If very escrow account as for taxes and in addition insurance is normally normally required, total monthly payment will be higher up. The stated amount as for every $1,000 is normally normally based on the fixed rate period and in addition the payment will likely increase afterthatperiod of time.
    Mortgage Rates Tips If finance rates are unstable or increasing, request i would say the rate to be locked for 60 many days before you make a formal function.
    Mortgage Interest Rates Today’s refinance interest rates on 3 year massive loans are also lower, calculating 3.85 p. c.
    5 year unpredictable massive interest rates this morning are calculating 3.44 p. c, a lessen the pace of from last week’s average massive unpredictable rate of 3.46 p. c. Today’s refinancing mortgage interest rates are also calculating 3.44 p. c.
    15 as. 30 Year Mortgage: In an Infographic NOT multiple i would say the monthly paymentasfor a 30-year mortgage. In fact, it’s significantly a bit less than multiple. This is due not a mere to lower interest rates, but also i would say the compounding of 30 various years as. 15 various years. In other words, you have i would say the supply of compounding working against you, notasfor you, with a 30-year mortgage.
    More news Our 2015 finance rates forecast The a lot of increases will not ramp up until more connected to mid year. Rates are still opt in actuality, opt in actuality low relative to historical averages. Periods because rates rise are accompanied by gains opt in real estate values.Effective December 2014, now there are new loan programs where the Buyer a mere needs 3% Downpayment to get a finance.
    Choosing Between 30 Year Mortgage Rate Vs. 15 Year Mortgage Rates My husband and I had toyed with the perception of choosing a 15 one year mortgage as for our new house, but when we was created to crunch the numbers we realized very we were dreaming and dreaming big.
    Our choice was to make an extra payment for every one year.
    40 year mortgage loans On i would say i would say the other hand this amount reduces to no more than $42 when i would say i would say the time span is became to 40 year s.
    Thus, while i would say i would say the selecting a
    40 year mortgage loan
    insurance plan it is always advise that i would say i would say the applicants take into consideration i would say i would say the above stated positives and drawbacks.
    40 year finance results If another says something else, they do not take into account what they are talking. 40 year finance results You could spend a lot of a time looking at i would say the...40 Year Mortgage Rates You can pay i would say the unpaid bills troublesome, especially those with large interest results.
    Home Equity Loan Rates Credit
    Payments: 1.5% of a a principal balance owed on the monthly records date (minimum payment $75). Loan term is normally 30 years, final balloon payment may would be required depending on actual usage. Rate to choose from subject to change monthly for new debt. Maximum rate 18%.
    Interest Only Home Equity Line of a a Credit
    More news

    Buying a car? A home? Rate hike shouldn't matter

    Category: Home Equity Loans
    Published: Saturday, 09 January 2016
    Written by Super User

    The rates that most people pay for mortgages, auto loans or college tuition arent expected to jump anytime soon. The Feds benchmark interest rate has limited influence on those things.

    Still, the Feds move to lift its key rate by a quarter-percentage point will raise short-term borrowing costs for banks. And that, in turn, is intended to prod banks to boost certain other rates. Rates on credit cards and home equity loans and credit lines, for example, will most likely rise, though probably only slightly.

    The rate the Fed controls is only one factor among many that can influence longer-term borrowing costs. And the Fed made clear it will assess the economys health before raising rates further.

    Loans that are linked to longer-term interest rates are unlikely to move very much, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said at a news conference. Credit card rates ... might move up slightly. But remember, we have very low rates, and weve made a very small move.

    Mortgage rates tend to move in sync with the yield on 10-year Treasury notes. When inflation remains as low as it is now, Treasury notes, with their modest returns, are considered a safe and decent investment. And heavy purchases of Treasurys by US and foreign investors — and by many foreign governments, such as China — help keep those yields low.

    The demand for Treasurys has mushroomed, said Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist at Northern Trust. What that means is that for any given monetary policy, interest rates are still going to be lower than they would have been 10 or 15 years ago.

    The Feds decision to raise rates is in many ways a healthy sign: Its a vote of confidence that the economy, 6½ years after the Great Recession officially ended, can finally withstand higher borrowing costs and keep growing at an acceptable pace.

    Even with a rate increase, most economists expect consumer spending to stay healthy and solid hiring to continue, perhaps even driving unemployment even further below its current low level of 5 percent. Should the economy stumble, the Fed could postpone further rate increases.

    Other trends are also working in consumers favor: Gas prices are still falling, and there are signs that paychecks are finally starting to rise after years of sluggish growth.

    These things are good for the consumer and will easily outweigh the impact of a rate increase, said Chris Christopher, an economist at forecasting firm IHS Global Insight.

    The most visible effects of the Fed increases will probably be in short-term borrowing. Rates for credit cards and home equity lines of credit should rise, typically by the same amount as the Feds increase. The increases could appear as soon as one or two months after the Feds action. Those rates are tied to banks prime rate, which responds quickly to the Feds changes.

    Also, Americans with adjustable-rate mortgages will probably face a higher rate at the date of their next adjustment. Auto-loan costs may rise as well, economists said, though not as fast as the short-term rate the Fed controls. Auto-loan rates typically follow the yield on two-year Treasurys.

    Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.com, calculates that for a $25,000, five-year car loan, a one-quarter percentage point increase would boost monthly payments by precisely $3.

    The interest rate impact on the typical household from a quarter percentage point move is almost inconsequential, he said. Most people wont even notice.

    And most people buy homes for reasons that have little to do with a slight rise or fall in mortgage rates, McBride said. They tend to buy when they feel financially secure or experience a major life change, such as having children.

    All those reasons people buy houses remain the same, whether mortgage rates are 4 percent or 4.25 percent, McBride said.

    Waterstone Financial, Inc. (wsbf) to Issue Quarterly Dividend of $0.05

    Category: Home Equity Loans
    Published: Saturday, 09 January 2016
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    Waterstone Financial, Inc. is the holding company of Waterstone Bank SSB (NASDAQ:WSBF). The Company operates through two segments: community banking and mortgage banking. Waterstone Bank is a community bank. Waterstone Bank also has an active mortgage banking subsidiary, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation. Waterstone Banks principal lending activity is originating one- to four-family and multi-family residential real estate loans for retention in its portfolio. Waterstone Bank also offers, to a lesser extent, home equity loans and lines of credit, construction and land loans, commercial real estate and commercial business loans, and consumer loans. The Banks deposit offerings include certificates of deposit, money market savings accounts, transaction deposit accounts, non-interest bearing demand accounts and individual retirement accounts. The Banks subsidiary, Wauwatosa Investments, Inc. manages its investment portfolio.

    This story was originally published by EMQ (http://www.emqtv.com) and is the sole property of EMQ. If you are reading this article on another website, that means this article was illegally copied and re-published to this website in violation of US and International copyright law. You can view the original version of this story at http://www.emqtv.com/waterstone-financial-inc-wsbf-to-issue-quarterly-dividend-of-0-05/101327/

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    Great Southern Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSBC) Given $48.00 Average Target Price ...

    Category: Home Equity Loans
    Published: Saturday, 09 January 2016
    Written by Super User

    Shares of Great Southern Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSBC) have received an average broker rating score of 3.00 (Hold) from the three brokers that cover the company, Zacks Investment Research reports. Three investment analysts have rated the stock with a hold recommendation.

    Brokers have set a one year consensus target price of $48.00 for the company and are expecting that the company will post $0.73 earnings per share for the current quarter, according to Zacks. Zacks has also given Great Southern Bancorp an industry rank of 55 out of 265 based on the ratings given to related companies.

    In other news, Director William V. Turner sold 2,964 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction on Monday, October 26th. The shares were sold at an average price of $48.74, for a total value of $144,465.36. Following the sale, the director now directly owns 195,498 shares in the company, valued at approximately $9,528,572.52. The sale was disclosed in a document filed with the Securities amp; Exchange Commission, which is available through the SEC website. Also, insider Douglas W. Marrs sold 625 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction on Monday, November 30th. The shares were sold at an average price of $51.23, for a total transaction of $32,018.75. Following the completion of the sale, the insider now owns 1,957 shares in the company, valued at $100,257.11. The disclosure for this sale can be found here.

    Shares of Great Southern Bancorp (NASDAQ:GSBC) traded up 1.071% during mid-day trading on Wednesday, reaching $44.815. 9,477 shares of the company’s stock traded hands. The stock has a market capitalization of $621.54 million and a PE ratio of 13.547. The company’s 50-day moving average price is $48.39 and its 200-day moving average price is $44.71. Great Southern Bancorp has a 12-month low of $35.10 and a 12-month high of $52.94.

    Great Southern Bancorp (NASDAQ:GSBC) last released its quarterly earnings results on Wednesday, October 21st. The financial services provider reported $0.79 earnings per share for the quarter, topping the consensus estimate of $0.77 by $0.02. Analysts anticipate that Great Southern Bancorp will post $3.19 earnings per share for the current year.

    The company also recently declared a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Monday, January 11th. Stockholders of record on Thursday, December 31st will be paid a $0.22 dividend. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Tuesday, December 29th. This is a positive change from Great Southern Bancorp’s previous quarterly dividend of $0.18. This represents a $0.88 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 1.98%.

    GSBC has been the subject of several research reports. Zacks Investment Research cut shares of Great Southern Bancorp from a buy rating to a hold rating in a research note on Tuesday, September 29th. Keefe, Bruyette #038; Woods upped their price objective on shares of Great Southern Bancorp from $44.00 to $45.50 in a research note on Friday, October 23rd. Finally, DA Davidson upped their price objective on shares of Great Southern Bancorp to $48.00 and gave the company a neutral rating in a research note on Friday, October 23rd.

    Great Southern Bancorp, Inc. is a bank holding company and a financial holding company and the parent of Great Southern Bank (NASDAQ:GSBC). Through the Bank and subsidiaries of the Bank, the Company offers insurance, travel, investment and related services. The Bank offers banking services through its 108 banking centers located in southern and central Missouri; the Kansas City, Missouri area; the St. Louis, Missouri area; eastern Kansas; northwestern Arkansas; eastern Nebraska, the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, and eastern, western and central Iowa. The Company originates long-term, fixed-rate residential real estate loans, commercial real estate, fixed and adjustable-rate conventional residential real estate loans, home equity loans and consumer loans.